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User Friendly
With Quantum CMS Builder It takes seconds to update your site! Build a database driven website with a few "viewer" pages rather than hundreds of static pages. Quantum CMS Builder's code generator creates simple "cut and paste" code. Just paste it into your pages when you first build a site and you're done.
With Quantum CMS Builder It takes minutes to add new features to a website, just fill in the form on the online editor and then away you go. Build your own Custom Branded CMS software to sell to your clients.
Either use one of the pre-built plugins or build you own, the pre built plugins include Membership, Forum, Newsletter EDM, Permalinks, Twitter & Facebook Login, Geocoder, Create PDF, CSV Import & Export, Exploit Scanner, Website Comments, Report Builder, Outgoing SMS, Email Spam Protector, Auto Backup, Website Saved Searches, Website Favorites, Save & Copy, Shell Console, MySQL Console, QR Code Generator & the list goes on.
User Friendly
With version 3 of Quantum CMS Builder the backend system is now totally responsive in design allowing you to make edits and changes while out and about, also gives your clients the option to edit their website on the move also.
Price List
Select the amount of licences required for your solution.
Single License
$ 250.00
/once off
Single Licence can be installed onto 1 site only
Install can be carried out for an extra $25.00
10 Pack Licences
$ 120.00
/per licence
10 pack allows you to install onto 10 sites
5 Pack Licences
$ 200.00
/per licence
5 pack allows you to install onto 5 sites

CMS Building made easy

  • It only takes 5 min to install and setup
  • Can be installed on Linux or Windows servers running PHP & MySQL
  • Rebrand with your own company branding colours and logos

Responsive backend

  • Completly responsive backend allowing you to edit and build on the go on any device
  • Clients will love it when you can allow them to edit their own website when they are on the go and dont have access to their computer

Customise with plugins

  • The pre built plugins allow you to extend your website very quickly
  • If you need a plugin that hasnt been built before then building your own plugin is simple and wont take long to build
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